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Whether you’re searching for slow and steady, or a full-on powerhouse with high-performance training, we offer you diversity through a multitude of free-running programs and workouts. These training plans keep things fun by incorporating yoga, runners stretches, swimmers training, trail runs through nature, and more. These workouts are flexible enough to give you freedom of choice where possible and are therefore also great to ease into things, to avoid muscle injuries, and manage running load. And, all your effort can be tracked and monitored through GPS tracking if you do want to add a little bit more of a challenge. Furthermore, these free workouts are a great way to share your fitness journey with friends and family, and become involved with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Running training, swimmers training and exercise in general also act as great outlets for stress and anxiety. Lastly, Coach Rebecca’s free workouts still keep science in mind, paving the way for a safe journey ahead, wherever you decide you’re heading!

the performance project

Rebecca johansson, phd

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