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So, why should you book a consultation? Our consultations are the first step towards designing your custom training program. Think of it as going shopping for new running shoes, being met with a pair perfectly tailor-made and laced together strategically for you and your journey ahead. With all the clutter surrounding the “do’s and don’ts” of diet, lifestyle and online personal training these days, dicing your way through the clutter with a guided consultation is a great start to an even greater finish. Coach Rebecca’s nature is harmonious in its friendliness and formalities. Therefore, you’ll find yourself with the perfect opportunity to hone into and craft your specific needs, wants and goals, with flexible training programs. She will also do so in a way which does not seem overwhelming. Instead, you’ll find yourself with a plan which is scientific yet relatable, decisive and strategic, and above all, possible. Our vision is to optimize your training process in order to get you to achieve your personal best, in every single race. Ready? Set? Go

Coach Rebecca offers a free 30-minute consultation

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