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2023: Where Pain and Joy Coincide

Photo of Coach Rebecca running a Turkey trot
I know my Strava year in review will soon be in my inbox. This year was hardly about numbers or accomplishments though.  Sure, I trained and competed in races – but they hardly scratch the surface of the deeper moments of the year.  In hopes of not making you cringe with the billionth internet post on New Year’s Resolutions and how to set goals – let me tell you about the highs and lows of my year.


Loss. Grief. Reflection.

Within six months I lost my Mormor (Grandma) to old age and our sweet dog Calley to lymphoma.  There was much to be celebrated with my mormor’s life and many memories to reflect on.  If you don’t carry the lessons of your ancestors with you, who will?

Losing Calley at only four years old was a shock.  If you ever wonder if you as a human can have an impact in this world, consider the huge impact a dog had in just four years.  Our family and neighborhood rallied to reflect on Calley’s immense love for everyone.  Who inspires you to be kind and give more love to the world?


Awakening. Grateful. In the moment.

With these losses, there was immense grief.  But it was also as if I was shaken awake.  No day is promised so we had better make them ALL count.  I noticed more, was grateful for what I had, and let go of negative situations I could not change.  If not today, when?


Impact. Service. Joy.

I wanted to have a bigger impact within my community and took steps to have both a local and international presence as a coach and both an in-person and remote connection to athletes.  Serving athletes brings me joy.  By-in-large what you do with your days should be fun.  Of course, mood will often follow action.  But if day by day, once you get going with whatever fills your day and a good mood does not follow action – consider what you can change to bring more impact, service, and joy to your days.

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